Don’t you just love when you wake up and you can feel straight away that, it’s that day when you can smell the season change in the air?

The sun is just a little bit higher and you enjoy it’s warmth on your face. The long missed birds are back making lots of lovely noise everywhere you go. Maybe you can leave your gloves at home that day too:D I love that time of the year! I get that same feeling when winter is coming and you can smell the snow in the air.

2013-02-18 09.27.34

It’s amazing how much I get done on days like this! I’m always full of energy motivation and new ideas. Yes it’s true very often I end up not doing many of the things I come up with, but it’s just so much fun being inspired and think you can do anything ;p

For a while now I have been simply terrified of making cake pops I just felt like it was a lot of work and so many things could go wrong like it ending up as a pile of overly sweet shmoosh.

2013-02-18 09.23.52

I’m not a fan of very sweet desserts. They just make my mouth all sticky, often give me a headache and I end up drinking lots of coffee or water just to wash it all down.
Making cake pops that I could enjoy was a challenge, and I couldn’t have chosen a better day to do it. I needed a lot of motivation.
All I can say is that in the end I didn’t even care if they were tasty, all I wanted was for them stay on their goddamn sticks without me having to use some kind of heavy duty glue.

I had some lemon cake left from making Meyer lemon mousse cakes and some chocolate cake from Chinese New Year cake. There was also some chocolate frosting left which was perfect. I wasn’t really expecting anyone to be eating it. I just really wanted to see how hard it is and you know just in case I should have some kind of knowledge about how to make them. (In case of emergency ;p).

2013-02-11 20.48.482013-02-11 20.48.43

I wish I could tell you the recipe (if there is anyone out there interested) but basically It was all done by feel, including coloring the white chocolate with food die, which made it weird and grainy, then adding oil to it to loosen it up… it was the longest 3 hours ever,  and all just for 10 cake pops!!!
But the best thing about it was that in the end after they sat in the fridge for few hours they were actually really yummy :D
Yes  they were on the sweet side but since you just take two bites its a perfect little sweet treat with you tea or coffee.
I can tell you it’s probably best way to use up your cake trimmings.

2013-02-11 21.08.141

Basically you blend the cake in a food processor nd add a little but frosting at the time then squeeze it with your hands until it becomes sticky (mine didn’t need much as it was a moist cake). Then roll that into balls and refrigerate or even poop in freezer.
While they are chilling prep your sprinkles and melted chocolate (I know there are other things people use to coat them , like candy melt or marshmallow frosting but I have never used them so can’t really recommend).
Then dip your sticks in chocolate and push into cakes (not too far) refrigerate for 5 minutes then they are ready to dip and decorate.

The beginnings

I loved cooking since I can remember. When I was little my mom used to leave me at home while she went to work for the day, and that’s when my experimentation started. I remember my first cookbook too.
It was a Winnie the Pooh cook book. It had many lovely recipes for cakes and jelly and some simple hot savory recipes too, all in lovely ‘kiddy’ style. I still remember the feeling of excitement in my tummy when I looked through the colorful pictures and imagined making and eating them myself. (I’ve actually managed to find photos of that book online!! even though I had it in the late 80’s).

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I had a lot of ideas, a lot of energy and a lot of dirty dishes to wash at the end of the day. My mom was always mad at me, as the state of the kitchen resembled the path of a giant tornado – not something you want to see after 12 hours at work.
My specialty was 3 colors of jelly layered with whipped cream and chocolate ^_^, yes I said I liked cooking, I didn’t say I was good at it.
I never really got a chance to really practice my cooking even though i loved it I kinda forgot about it for a long time.
Until recently I finally decided I wanted to start learning new things, new recipes try new foods and I am.
I am cooking baking burning spilling dropping on the floor remaking again feeding it to my boyfriend always hoping he will eat, not even hoping for too many compliments.
And from now on i will try to share my food experiments with others right here.